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Astro Pandit – The Story
Astro Pandit – The Story

It started way back in 1960’s when Suren was born into a family where religion was a way of life and helping others was the aim of life. Learning from Parents, Pandits and Sadhus was a daily ritual. There was no day that didn’t include this learning. Ramayan, Mahabharat,Upnishads.Vedas and other scriptures always influenced his thought process. Astrology was one of the definite way of getting answers and environment in the family was supporting. The time itself pushed Suren to learn more and more about astrology and related subjects and the divine helped him Master the art. What started as fascination and need to help people became the passion of this Delhi based astrologer. Very soon with divine instruction Suren moved to Canada. And became popular as Astro Pandit – Suren Arora

Astro Pandit himself – Suren Arora

Suren became popular with community at Ontario and other parts of Canada. People from all faiths visit or contact him for the consulting. Suren expertise in Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Aura Readeing, Chakra healing , Nutritionist , Distant Healing always helped him to gain trust of people and helped him bring people out of difficult situation . He became Certified Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner and helped people quit smoking, their drinking habits and deal with their fears & phobias and handle many situation like that . To this date suren has helped almost 15000+ people from USA, Canada & India. Suren continue to remain secret guide to several politician, Social elites & bolllywood personalities.

Astro Pandit – The digital beginning

To further endeavor his passion to help more people all around the globe Suren worked out detailed plan by way of digitizing the astrology for the masses with help of his team at Moksha. Astro Pandit is offshoot from Moksha group of companies. astropandit.ca is a fast growing astrology division. which works on solutions & remedies for most common problem of people. It provides guidance to people for better living.It also helps people to handle many other social issues such as evil eye,issues related family and issues related to their home and peace within.

Astro Pandit Primary Services

a) Digitizing astrology solutions for masses

b) Astrology research & Vedic remedies

c) Creating new astrologers and palmists

d)  Understanding perspective of different religions in regards to astrology and helping people based on their faith and belief.


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