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Vastu is tradional Indian art & science of architecture. The art has been carried from sages to sages. This sacred art has come long way. People often face various problems like health issues, money problem, business growth issues, emotional issues. These problems are either Astro doshas or Vastu doshas. The doshas can be solved with proper placements of objects, creating right wave of energy.

  •  Do you feel not good while working or happy at home?
  • Are you not growing from your Industry?
  • Are you not able to sleep well?
  • Is Finance a problem in your life
  • Your children are not able to study properly

The Consultant

Suren Arora is Vastu Shastra Consultant based in Brampton, ON. He provides consultation & advise to solve the problems related with Vastu.  Above pain points are few of them. Analysis & remedies require personal session or at times home visit may also be required. Our remedy mostly diverts the energy or convert the energy to positive energy. For more information please get in touch for a session.

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