October 13, 2018by Suren Arora0

Chakra Cleansing & Chakra healing has evolved from ancient to scientific art. Lot of research has been going worldwide on these human energy points known as chakra. This points if balanced can be helpful for the humans. If these energy points are disturbed / imbalanced with their energy requirements the person may feel deprived of that energy. Energy in our body is responsible for health, personality, relationship, wealth & well being.
Chakra imbalancing is caused by an experience which we have gone by this creates weakness in our emotional behavior this results to certain fears & holding on to certain experiences. This creates some physical restrictions. When healing happens this imbalance disappears.

Chakras could be over active or under active, both of them are signals that cleansing is required. imbalanced chakras mean we are missing something important in our day to day living. And this could affect our basic needs, relationship, compassion, creativeness, focus & more…
Astro Pandit uses a certified machine to identify the weak energy points or the chakras. Based on the identification of weak points, the energy healing is planned in multiple sessions. Once the healing is completed the energy points are re-checked if further healing is required or healing has been completed successfully.

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